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It was short lived, however, when some of the cast complained that filming the TV series and doing the summer show limited their offers of acting jobs elsewhere. In March 2010 the show was revived for a six-month national tour produced by Bruce James Productions Limited and written by Paul Carpenter and Ian Gower, adapting scenes and storylines from episodes of the television series including A Night Not To Remember and Maplin Intercontinental.

At the height of its popularity, the BBC had plans to make it into a feature film, but this did not come to fruition. The audience were treated as campers during scenes involving camp entertainment which included musical numbers and audience participation.

Caught in the middle were staff members close to middle age (e.g.

Ted Bovis and Fred Quilley) who still believed they could achieve fame and fortune, and were reluctant to accept that working at a holiday camp was the best they would ever do.

Despite the feeling amongst many staff that their brand of fun and entertainment for the whole family was a tradition that would endure, the emerging popularity at the time (late 1950s / early 1960s) for self-catering and holidaying abroad meant the camp was unlikely to survive in its original format. ran for nine series and two Christmas Specials, totalling 60 episodes, between 26 February 1981 and 30 January 1988.

The series was set towards the end of this period, when the original format of holiday camps was coming to an end.Conversely, the societal changes were welcomed by other staff, particularly Ted and Spike, who believed that Peggy's attempts at becoming a Yellowcoat were thwarted by prejudice against her working-class background, as the current Yellowcoats were middle-class and well-spoken.