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It was also near the Modeno border, minimising premature detection of the Valarans unlikely.

Sure, Donnerland was under invasion, but this was in the South.

This was considered obsolete at Viapori naval colleges — the doctrine was over a century old, and had been supplanted by modern advances. The reality was different, and it confronted Branning now. First, as naval strategists in Varhaven assured him, the Donnish naval absence indicated they were unwilling to risk their ships.

The Donnish navy had not contested the southern landings. It was thus considered likely that it was in the north somewhere, hiding. This made them unlikely to fight the Valarans, even if they were in the north.

The Ministry was apparently heavily divided on whether to support , but Nurs said this was more of a product of factionalism than anything.

“The Foreign Ministry ceased being of one mind when Nygaard left,” he had explained in a gruff drawl.

Sonar had picked up a school of whales in the deep. Once they were at land, then he could take command, and trust his own skills.

Even though the Donnish had , one of the MCMV’s had panicked, preparing a set of depth charges without authorisation. Branning had kept silent as this happened, his ears ringing with the ghost wails of alarms, and his hand reaching for a cigarette he could not smoke. But in this final stretch, as the azure waste became Donnish, this was the period that was up to the fates.

The Donnish navy was, for intents and purposes invisible. There would be no return fire to any bombardment, not any naval contestation to a landing. He would have to enter Donnish waters to assault Nemenjeilegh.

Andre found him enjoyable company, for a voyage like this was an exercise in enforced tedium.

In return, Nurs told him about the Ministry efforts with Azenyanistan, far more than official reports gave away.

This would mark the very first instance of military cooperation between Azenyanistan and the Valaran Empire.

Supposedly, this would be increasing substantially, now that Hesseren had put his weight behind Aksesyr Dune.Dark bristles covered his chin and cheeks in uneven patches.

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