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30-Jul-2017 18:33

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These are all genuine questions that Angela asked me while I chatted to her: “How long have you been friends with your best friend?

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In all the time we’ve tried experimenting with Talking Angela app, deliberately trying to prompt it to be provocative (including directly asking it questions of a sexual nature, which it always responded to with a dismissive gesture or text response), we’ve been unable to reproduce any of the reported salacious behavior attributed to it in various online rumors.

Yes, Angela may ask some questions involving the disclosure of personal information during text chats, but those questions are rather innocuous (e.g., “What’s your name? ”), the responses aren’t forwarded or shared outside the app, and none of this takes place unless Child Mode is specifically disabled.

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What happens if you turn child mode off — as any child can relatively easily — and start chatting to Angela using the text box at the bottom of the screen?

“Talking Angela” is not a web site, but an i OS app available through i Tunes that provides a cute interactive feature for youngsters: when children activate the app and respond to prompts to interact with it, Angela, a cat who inhabits an outdoor table at a Parisian cafe, responds to their gestures and mimics what they say back to them in her French-influenced stylings: Talking Angela, like numerous similar apps, can interact with users in several ways: She will repeat, in her squeaky French voice, what users say into their device’s microphone; she can (if the device’s camera is enabled) read facial expressions and react to them; she moves and gestures in response to being petted or poked via screen taps and swipes; and she can (if Child Mode is disabled) engage users in robotic text chats.

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