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None of this is to be taken to mean that bronze fell out of use.Rather, iron simply became an alternative metal and many bronze objects have been found that were made in the Iron Age.During a foray into southern Scotland, the Roman General [2].

Ranging across the spectrum of scientific endeavour, from the cosmology of Copernicus and Galileo, through the medical revolutions of Hippocrates and Galen, it includes the fields of physics, biology, chemistry and genetics. I have deliberately chosen to respect all Christians who have honored the living God with their lives and work, regardless of their theological differences.

As the author writes, "Christians and the Christian worldview were crucial to the formation of the early sciences.

The Arrival of the Celts: As the Bronze Age in Ireland drew to a close, there appeared in Ireland a new cultural influence.

On the other hand, other better documented invasions of Ireland - such as the Viking invasions of the 7th and 8th centuries AD - failed to have the effect of changing the culture on an islandwide scale.

Current academic opinion favours the theory that the Celts arrived in Ireland over the course of several centuries, beginning in the late Bronze Age with Celts of the early iron-using Hallstatt group of people, to be followed after 300BC by Celts of the La Tne cultural group which formed within the Hallstatt group.Developing in the Alps of central Europe, the Celts spread their culture across modern-day Germany and France and into the Balkans as far as Turkey.