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But now that he’s got that body, he’s got the chance to make up for lost time, right? Sure, now that he has his post-serum bod and the prestige of being, y’know, has the personality he did when he was a scrawny kid from Brooklyn who was busy trying to defraud the US government.

His body may not have been spectacular, but you couldn’t deny his heart, spirit or brains. But while he may have been a grunt, he didn’t define himself by his physicality.

In the midst of an alien-fucking-invasion, his first instinct is to ensure the protection of the most vulnerable people around him. But his strength isn’t the strength of his muscles, it’s the strength of his soul and his core.

He was given that power and like a certain web-head, he understands that with great power comes great responsibility. And yet, nobody would question Cap’s status as a man, no?

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He thinks outside the box, he sympathizes with the underdog and he never, gives up.

But rather than becoming a ball of resentment or looking for a magic fix that would let him become an “alpha” like his best friend Bucky, he simply kept trying to move forward. You could knock him down, but he’d get right back up again because someone had to stand up to bullies and he was gonna be that someone.

His greatest strengths were his moral core and the optimism that he’d make it through eventually, no matter how much work it’d take. Would standing up to a bully end with his getting a muddy hole stomped into his spine? Would the military not take him because he was 90 lbs sopping wet? not because he’s trying to be a badass but because he wants to help people who can’t help themselves.

Steve Rodgers is an interesting exercise in contrasts.

By any stretch of the imagination, Rogers is someone who benefits from the traditional ideas of masculinity.

In fact, it’s pretty significant that Cap’s’ signature weapon is a shield the fight, attempting to disarm the both of them rather than attacking directly.

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