Gay and lesbian dating and sex guide pdf

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1949 changes its name to Forbundet af 1948 (League of 1948) after opposition by an order of nuns who believe they have sole rights to the name “Kredsen”.

Forbundet af 1948 publishes the first issue of the periodical Vennen (The Friend).

The history of LGBT in Denmark for each decade can be read about below. John’s Eve – a mid-summer festival celebrated throughout Denmark), so June 23, 1948, is regarded as the date of foundation.

1948 Kredsen af 1948 (The Circle of 1948) is established in the city of Aalborg (north Jutland). The man behind the idea and the driving force of the association is Axel Lundahl Madsen (later Axel Axgil).

It wasn’t until 1933 that sex between adult men (aged over 18/21) was de-criminalised.The United States is not unique; anti-gay bias and homophobia are central to cultures across the globe.But while one must acknowledge the connection between anti-gay beliefs and traditional culture, it is also im-...If you plan to visit Denmark we suggest that you check out these guides to gay Copenhagen. Copenhagen Gay Life – a guide to gay and lesbian tourism in Copenhagen Gay Copenhagen – a guide to places and events to check out while in Copenhagen Out & About – a guide to the gay bars, cafés and restaurants in Copenhagen Gay Agenda – a guide to all events in Denmark The overview below is based on the article in Danish, “LBL and other Danish gay movements”, which Inge-Lise Paulsen and Vibeke Nissen wrote to Lambda Nordica in 2000. Homosexuality was a crime in Denmark until 1930, at least for men.

It has since been supplemented and regularly updated by the LGBT Library. Danish law from 1683 stated: “Relations against nature is punishable by execution”.

Policy Issues Affecting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Families addresses partner recognition, parenting, issues affecting children of LGBT parents, health care, discrimination, senior care and elder rights, and equal access to social services.